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Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launch Hidden Service in global Darknet enforcement operation

New scare tactic – Reposted from the dutch prosecution site – The Dutch National Prosecution Service and police launched a so called Hidden Service on the darknet today. The set up took place within the framework of ‘Operation Hyperion’. This first global Darknet marketplace enforcement operation ever, was conducted 22 to 28 October.


  1. All this “proves” is that artificial selection is real and active in our World today and that Darwin was right. If the police (the Dutch, in particular) are so effective, why are the sites listed to everyone’s right still active? Instead, the police are simply pruning the Darknet tree, gathering up the low-hanging fruit. In the end, the strong will survive, just as they do in Nature.

    • Natural selection

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. There’s demand for what Dark markets offer. So there’s always a way. They’re wasting their time because even them (police) participate in the DMs. They’re real bigots who are going nowhere.

    • Anonymity and safety differ in degree and kind. Dealing drugs on the Darknet is safer for both the buyer and seller than dealing on the street. If the police are not able, after a 100 years of trying, to stop the latter, how could anyone possibly believe that they will stop the former? The selling and buying of drugs is not a struggle between right and wrong but one of the rich against the poor. If you are a drug dealer, be a “Robin Hood”; spread your wealth to those who know you and who love you! Use best practices from business (JIT) and modern science (protocols & procedures), and remember, Tails & encryption are your best friends, and silence your greatest ally!

    • Personally, I think police try to shut down darknet markets just to prove that they’re taking action. They can’t possibly shut down all of them (just as they can’t arrest every single drug dealer on the street).

  2. the underground, nothing security, its more busted XD

  3. i’ve bought of PartyDutchNL before, and I highly recommend them! Good prices, no risk of getting scammed and much less dangerous than buying off the street! An A1 vendor if you ask me, and clearly under the police radar or they wouldn’t have mentioned them!

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