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Silk Road Vendor “Nod” Pleads guilty

Steven Sadler known as The Former Silk Road Vendor “Nod” pleaded guilty for selling drugs over Silk Road with the help of his girlfriend, Jenna White. According to court documents they have sold 3,721 grams of cocaine, 1,375 grams of heroin, and 119 grams of methamphetamine.

A full article covering the details of this plea was published at the DailyDot – Here.

This is Steven Sadler Plea Deal:


  1. What happened to the bitcoins.? Hopefully he doesn’t hand over the wallet or key..

    • Apologetic Mac User

      Not in the list of forfeited assets, according to the plea deal document. Maybe he’ll use them to pay off the FIVE MILLION DOLLAR FINE. Holy shit.

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